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Top-Quality Window Screens

Are you looking for new window screens? Turn to the professionals at Chalet Screens, Inc. New window screens can be manufactured with powder-coated aluminum screen frame, available in five colors - Almond, Bronze, Gray, Tan, and White. Additional colors upon request.

At an additional cost, you can choose from different types of screen materials, such as standard black, standard gray or pet mesh, and BetterVue. We can even re-screen your windows, provided the frames are in good condition.

First-Rate Patio Door Screens

You can get new patio door screens with heavy-duty steel frame from Chalet Screens. Patio door screens are available in four colors - Almond, Bronze, Gray, and White.

At an added cost, you can get standard insect mesh in gray or black or pet mesh (31" - 49" opening) animal guards. Our professionals can help you in getting a new screening material or parts for your patio door screen. Call us today!
Screen door and window

Two Ways to Get New Screens From Us

  • Email or fax us the screen measurements. Once the screen is made, you can pick it up from our showroom.
  • Our professionals will come to your home, take the measurements, make the screen, and install it. We have a 3-14 day turnaround, depending on the time of the year. To call us for your new screen and a home installation, you need to make a minimum purchase of $200.00 from us. Also, a 50% deposit is required before taking the screen measurements at your home. 
Decide between the two options and call us at 425-823-5757. We're BBB-accredited!
FREE estimates!
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"I would give Chalet Screens six stars if I could. Patricia and Peggy who take care of the customer service and ordering are both so friendly on the phone that I went down in person just to say hello.  

They took care of my rental home that needed screens. They were even kind enough to replace a frame on which I accidentally let the SUV door close while I was loading it in the car and bent it.

But the best of all are the Phantom disappearing retractable screen doors I got for my front door and my French doors. They disappear when not in use and are almost invisible when you slide them out. 

It makes such a difference to be able to leave my doors open without getting bugs! I wish I did it years ago! They custom make them and they are gorgeous!"

- Pat D.
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